Every garden is unique and each project has a life of its own but they tend to follow similar journeys.

Once you make contact with Botanica Garden Styling, we will make a time to visit your site and meet with you to discuss the improvement and redesign of your garden.

If you have something particular in mind for your garden, it is useful to have pictures which have inspired you (eg. photos of gardens you like, pictures from magazines, Pinterest boards). 

It is also useful to have an approximate budget in mind as this will determine the type of design that will be suitable for your garden.

The first half hour of the site visit is free and is then charged at $120(+gst) per hour.

Design Fees

Prior to beginning work on your design, we will provide you with an estimate of the expected fee from Botanica Garden Styling.


Site Analysis and Base Plans

If you have plans or surveys of your property from which we can create a base plan it is extremely helpful.  If not, we will arrange a time to visit to do a full measure up of your garden.

An existing site analysis will be undertaken, taking into consideration existing structures and utilities, and plants and trees to be retained or removed.

Landscape Design and Plans

Depending on the size of your garden, an initial spatial plan may be provided to delineate zones of use.

A CAD (computer aided design) Concept Plan will then be created including:

  • Hard landscaping - patios, courtyards, play spaces, paths, driveways, decks, fencing and walls, arbors and pergolas, pools and water features, irrigation and lighting, and
  • Soft landscaping - detailed planting layout with images and quantities.

Whenever appropriate, we will provide more than one option for you to consider.

Following extensive consultation to incorporate changes or new ideas, we will provide Final CAD Plans and associated Specifications ready for landscapers to quote on your job.

Landscape Construction

We can recommended landscapers and other tradespeople to provide quotes and liaise with them regarding plans and provide clarification as required.


Botanica Garden Styling prefers to source and provide all plants, rather than the landscaper, in order to ensure quality.  We work with the landscaper’s schedule in terms of delivery dates.


We can also work with you to purchase furniture and other outdoor features for below retail prices.