We had a large under-utilised backyard space that needed care, love and lots of re-imagination.
The Botanica team delivered all three; and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
The outdoor spaces – from the pool areas to the mini basketball court to the gardens that both separate and define our outdoors –
have transformed the way we enjoy our backyard. For example, I used to never read a book by the pool – we had nowhere ‘nice’ to do that.
Now, every weekend I sneak out, have a swim in the afternoon and read a book.
The Botanica designs and attention to detail were stunning – we feel our home is finally complete!

Adam Kierce


Visitors are always complimenting us on our front garden, both its look and fragrance.
When we purchased our house, the front garden was not a drawcard!  We were referred to botanica garden styling by friends and have been
thrilled with the change to our home to date.
The design brief was easily communicated.  One conversation and discussion of some nearby properties, whose gardens I loved, was enough for
Mary-Claire and Rachel to confirm the look I was after.  The plants selected were prettier than I could have imagined.
I have the look and  feel I want whilst knowing the plants are well suited to their orientation.
Mary-Claire and Rachel worked well within constraints, such as not altering the existing paving.  They suggested some easy changes to the
original layout which provided the garden with a greater sense of balance and proportion.
Once the  front garden had been tackled, we decided to improve our south facing side garden.  This was a barren area and really drab to
look out at each day from our kitchen window.  I couldn’t have imagined how pretty a side garden could look!  We honestly get such a thrill
when we look out our window now.
Both of these projects were only completed 12 months ago.  We’ve loved watching the garden grow and are excited about how beautiful
and lush it will look in another few years.  We feel that our house has been totally transformed by a greatly improved garden.
Mary-Claire and Rachel are a joy to work with.  They are relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable.  I have found them to be good communicators
who work hard to deliver a quality outcome for their clients.
We plan on changes to our backyard in the future and look forward to working with them again.

Tracy Kallio


Botanica were a great company to work with. We had a difficult garden with lots of shade and big trees next door sucking the life out of the soil!
They listened to our needs and advised us on the best plants whilst taking into account the look and feel that we wanted.
Our garden is thriving now and looks fantastic with minimal maintenance.
Mary-Claire or Rachel have popped by to check on things which is a lovely touch. Thank you so much for helping us have the garden we want!

Lisa Murphy


It was a great experience working with Mary-Claire and Rachel. Not only did they help me to understand the many different steps for our landscaping project,
they’re knowledgeable, patient, and good-humoured!
They’re passionate about planning, planting and nurturing a beautiful garden and I’d recommend them without reservation.

Lisa Sassella


We hired Botanica Garden Styling  to design our front garden.  With only a brief outline of what we wanted, the team created a beautiful design for
the front garden which exceeded our expectations.
In addition, the team went beyond the engagement in helping us choose which colours to paint the house and the external lights to match.
Mary-Claire and Rachel were wonderful to deal with.  I highly recommend using Botanica Garden Styling.

Christina Vu